Something is Going Well Around Here!

The 1,000 “like” road marker disappearing in the rear view mirror…

The WP auto-post function just told me that I have accumulated 1,000 “likes,” which are all because the imaginary “you” have been appreciating what I’ve been pouring forth since June 22nd. It hasn’t been four months yet and I have so many “likes!” Who knew?!?

I’ve logged 87 posts (one was a repeat, so doesn’t really count and one was a reblog in respect for a new WordPress-induced friend) in 111 days, meaning that I’ve hit about 78% of the days between start and present. Not bad. Could be better. Let’s see if I can pick up the slack.

Thank you, everyone!


The Seasonal Song

Five triplet trills…

Five triplet trills
sound out from the trees
and a similar song
responds from the shade.

In the spring and the fall
the finch sounds its song,
a merrier music
than the other bird calls.

Sometimes it hides high
in the branches above,
in a flutter of wings
it rests inches away.

When it warms, it moves on,
when it freezes, it goes
but it’s back for the best parts
of the seasonal show.

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