CARE – it’s free!

We live in the moment. We leave a trail of these behind us, some memorable, most just time, however we spend it. Is this moment, the one just – now (ah, it’s gone!) – serene? It depends on where you are and what you’re doing, even what you’re allowed to do and why you’re there instead of somewhere else. Our species ticks towards 7.4 billion and many of us must care every moment or we are washed over by a wave of of troubles that cannot be overcome passively.

Let’s talk about food, but ignore how delicious it is with a nice sauce or garnish. About 795 million people in the world do not have enough food to live in health. About 13 percent of people living in developing countries are undernourished. Asia and sub-Saharan Africa are have the highest percent of hunger in their populations. About 3 million children each year die before age 5 due to poor nutrition. Caring is one thing – that is free – but making a modest donation to an organization that provides relief to some portion of this population may a little bit of a healthy salary. Try the World Food Programme or choose one of your own from Charity Navigator.

While we are keen to talk about the importance of children, it is estimated that there are up to 150 million children worldwide who live on the streets, who have no home. This is approximately half the population of the United States. About 16,000 children die every day from preventable disease or treatable causes. About 2.4 billion people lack access to appropriate sanitation; the effect is felt particularly by children. Every 10 minutes, an adolescent girl dies from violence. It is an emergency of the first order; every child alive should have a chance at a life without fear, without hunger, without violence.

About one out of every three women – 35% of all women – will experience physical violence of some type during their lives. Surely, this must stop.

No one can ignore the huge number of forcibly displaced people in the world today – 65.3 million people, 21.3 million refugees, 10 million stateless people. It is hard to imagine the hardships endured by these people, yet millions of them are ignored by billions of us.

There are a few giant steps to be taken before we can be carefree. First, we must care. When we are all without troubles, I will be care-free.


Author: makingsenseofcomplications

I have an academic background in literature and, separately, science. My career has been in industry in positions of increasing responsibility assisting in the drug development process - one of the most amazing intellectual pursuits of the human mind, among many other amazing intellectual pursuits. I am interested in films, philosophy, history, art, music, science (obviously), literature (also obviously), some video gaming, human behavior, and many other topics. I wish there was more time in every day because we have a world that is full of amazing phenomena that are considered too superficially by too many. Although my first and last names are fictional, I think I believe in all of the stuff you read here, although I retain the right in perpetuity of changing my thoughts about anything written herein.

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